Monday, November 9, 2009


It wasn't even planned, but I quit. I think. I hope. Fuck it I'm sticking to it. About a month ago, when I went back home to Nova Scotia for a little R+R, I just didn't want one anymore (by 'one' I'm referring to those sweet sticks of cancer).
I started excersizing more & noticed how much more endurance I had, within days. I do miss smoking, mostly after a few cocktails. I must admit, the nicotene withdrawals have made me quite edgy, i.e. bitchy. Yeah. Plus I had intense wierd terrible dreams too. That is still going on. Had one lastnight. It involved a plane crash & Bradley Cooper. Mind you I was watching Mayday while falling asleep, and Brad Coop just runs through my thoughts. That makes sense I guess...
Biggest thing I've noticed is that my lungs don't ache during breathing after a big weekend of partying. That's really nice. Also my mouth doesn't taste like an ashtray. mmm.
Ok all this talk about ciggarettes is making me restless. I'm gonna go make a coffee. FU*************K.

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